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Re: Weedy 03-09-07 13:01
Thank you max for that link. And yeah, that's what it was.

You guys are right, He wasn't the one that went into the store. Though he is taking full responsibility for everything, he said he was just a passenger. I didn't realize that so many of his friends were on here. Mostly friends through the Quinn connection I would assume. Anyway, we all know that he has a grip of shitty friends, and it is really important to him right now to know who still supports him.

Also, I will say, that I talked to him on the phone yesterday for the first time since this happened, and he has become a different person. The silly immature unmotivated "Wedin" is no more, and I'm pretty sure Andrew is ready to come out. He is seeing this as a blessing and he is sure that this is the only way he would have been able to get help for his addiction problems.

Since this happened, my phone has been blowin up like crazy, and I was doing my best to ignore all prying assholes, but hey, you all seem like good guys, so if you have any questions about your little buddy, let me know. He has said a lot to me about most of you, and I know he sure respects you guys a hell of a lot.
Herro 03-08-07 23:30
I googled the name "Andrew Wedin", and the elowel recents posts page was one of the links.. now I can't find whos profile it was on. Anyway, I totally forgot I had an elowel account. I hope everyone had a good night.
Back in action 08-08-06 21:46
Hi. I am the artist formerly known as Kayleena. I lost my password. But now I am back, with a new name. Thanks. And good night.
Hello, 08-08-06 21:45
My name is kayleen. I'm new to elowel.